The Enigma of the Führer: a book by Stefano Mancini

Author: Lisa Egman

It’s a rainy night in London. The Guardian journalist Ethan Cooper is driving, when suddenly a man comes out of the shadow and runs towards his car. The wet road makes it impossible to stop in time. While Ethan calls an ambulance, another car stops by and two people try to steal the poor man. After making the thieves escape, Ethan reaches up to the dying figure, who leaves him two weird objects and tells him something that sounds really mysterious. Continue reading “The Enigma of the Führer: a book by Stefano Mancini”

Taste and creativity: where to eat in Pavia

Author: Lisa Egman

Eating out is not just a matter of feeding oneself, at least not in Italy. It’s also enjoying time and company, discovering typical tastes, new creative dishes and, last but not least, having fun while eating good food. It should be a complete satisfactory experience: from the moment you take a seat until the last sip of coffee.

While in Pavia we had the chance to enjoy lots of good food but especially two nice experience we would like to share with you!




The restaurant main dish is tigella, a sort of round flat bread, together with gnocco fritto, made with fried puff pastry. Both type of food is freshly made,cooked right in the moment you order them. A basket full of tigella with two gnocco fritto comes together with a side of your choice: cheese with honey and spicy sauces or cold cuts. The best part anyway is yet to come: with one single order you get a sort of “all you can eat” of tigella. Baskets and baskets are coming until you are full and you need to stop.

In addition to that, here we come to the creative idea of the restaurant: sauces. In fact, even before ordering, the waiter will bring you a board with twelve different toppings among sweet, salty and spicy ones. There is something for all tastes. You just need to try the different combinations and find your favourite!

Photo: Lisa Egman, all rights reserved



At Batata restaurant a simple, ordinary potato can become a fancy gourmet lunch. How? With the help of a mix of studied ingredient as stuffing. In the menu you can find one combination for each region, plus the classic, everlasting tastes. All this in one huge potato, that will soothe your hunger for long. And if you prefer to stay light, you can always choose the smaller novelline, that are perfect also for who faces difficulties in choosing just one flavour and would like to taste everything.

Photo: Lisa Egman, all rights reserved

The creative Batata is original and brilliant even in the dessert: you will pour your own coffee in the delicious tiramisu and custard in the donut. Build your dessert and have fun!

Alanis Long Haired: a book from Sir J

Author: Lisa Egman

Sergio Calcagnile, alias Sir J, works in a notary office but he is also a musician, radio speaker and writer. From 2017 on, many of his tales have been prized during important contests and then published. He also wrote three novels: Nonno Egeo historical book, in May 2018, Lumina Tenebrarum, horror, in November 2018, URU in September 2019. Alanis long haired is the first volume of the serie Music Portrait, dedicated to important characters in music history, in collaboration with Fabio Pedrazzi PlaceBook Publishing & Writer Agency. The English translation is on sale in US and UK.

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Economics and Coronavirus: the EU answer

Author: Lisa Egman

News are going faster than my writings and I have to say I am really not an expert on this issues, but I think it is important to stay up to date and councious of such topics, especially in these hard times. And, come on, there is no excuse now to go a bit deeper into economics: we are all learning that, when there is a national lockdown happening, there is more time to read. In addition to that, I discovered two really good podcasts that help me stay updated letting me also understand complicated issues, thanks to their simple language and clarity: the Ispi Express podcast from the Italian Insitute for the International Political Studies and The Essential from Will Media.

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