“Singin’ in the rain”, the musical @Teatro Nazionale CheBanca!

Authors: Enrico Ubiali & Ilaria Mariani

Cover photo: http://www.teatronazionale.it

After the incredible successes of audience and critics collected in recent seasons by Flashdance – the Musical and A chorus Line, the affirmed actress and director Chiara Noschese proposes even more and comes back to perform the Legend that, this time, is named Gene Kelly.

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BookCity, the book party

Author: Lisa Egman

MILAN, ITALY. Imagine a big party for authors, readers, publishers and the main characters, BOOKS. Imagine an enthusiast audience attending more than 1500 events, in 250 different places around the city and its surroundings. Now, stop imagining: this really happened during the 8th edition of BookCity, the festival every book lover waits all year long, until finally November comes.

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Picasso’s museum, from the early to the elderly age to a better understanding of his multifaceted art

Author: Lorena Ferraroli

Picasso’s museum in Barcelona is the “house” of one of the most extensive collections of artworks by the 20th century Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

With more than 4.000 works exhibited by the painter, the museum has one of the most complete permanent collections of works.

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If it’s light, you might try

Author: Lorena Ferraroli

Our grandparents used to say that “nature is the answer of all our questions and sorrows”, you just have to observe carefully, find what you need and discover the best way to use it. For years and nowadays this is exactly the main purpose of science and medicine. What could be the best area of research if not what we have around everyday? In a particular way plant life.

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Six Characters in Search of an Author

Author: Lisa Egman

A workpiece from the brilliant mind of Luigi Pirandello, “Six Characters in Search of an Author” is reasonably considered one of the most important scripts of the 20th Century.

Pirandello (Girgenti, 28th June 1867 – Rome, 10th December 1936) was an Italian playwright, writer and poet, and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1934.

In his works, themes as existentialism and estrangement break the strict naturalistic fiction schemes of that time. That’s the reason why some of Pirandello’s masterpiece, as “Six Characters in Search of an Author” itself, were not always welcome at the beginning: they were anticipating future, a future not everyone was ready to embrace.

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Salone del Mobile 2019, the international furniture exhibition “is bound” for Milan!

Authors: Enrico Ubiali & Ilaria Mariani

Salone del Mobile 2019, the international furniture exhibition “is bound” for Milan!
Salone del Mobile Milano is an international exhibition, focused on the innovative dimension of high-quality furniture. The 58 th edition takes place in Milano from the 9 th to the 14 th of April 2019 and is settled in its metropolitan area, more precisely at Rho Fiera.

Photo credits: Salone del Mobile di Milano

Salone del Mobile is visited by 370 000 people per year (on average), boosting a touristic and business context in the northern area of Italy. Every single visitor has the opportunity to enjoy a customized experience that can match entirely his/her expectations. Three main areas inside the pavilions characterize the offer and are dedicated to different furniture styles: classic, modern design and XLux (luxuy).
Craftsmen with a great mastery in their job expect to propose their products to an audience coming from more than 200 different countries; this occasion can be considered a great opportunity also for the recovering Italian business environment. It is not a coincidence that several members of the Institutions visited this international exposition.
Salone del Mobile is great chance definable as “economic diplomacy”: national excellences are into the spotlight of an global event in which “Made in Itlay” is more than a feature and can be considered as a brand.
In order to better explore this environment, Salone del Mobile guests also spaces where specialized magazines and newspapers can illustrate the main tendency in this prestigious market.
Last but not least, the events of the so called “Fuori Salone” are involving Milan and its hinterland: dozens and dozens of cultural initiatives are organized all around the city, offering extra opportunities for visitors and citizens in their spare time.
Just one day remains before the end of this exhibition so, do not hesitate to reach Milan and let’s open your eyes in front of national and international excellences.

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