Author: Lisa Egman


I decided to start the article with this single word because, as anticipated in Taste of Japan – Part one: Food everything is matcha flavoured in Japan. Continue reading “TASTE OF JAPAN: PART 2 – DRINKS”

Brew yourself up for the next Orobie Beer Festival

Author: Lisa Egman

Hosted in the quiet and pictoresque frame of the Lazzaretto, in the city of Bergamo, the Orobie Beer Festival is an unmissable appointment for every beer lover of the region. Many breweries bring their craft beer there, for a total of 70 taps and 150 different beers on rotation. Most of the breweries are from the region, but there are some that comes from farther in Italy and even from other country of Europe.

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Tapas in Barcelona

Author: Lisa Egman

Cover photo: Lisa Egman© all rights reserved

Beautiful sunny city with the perfect mix of culture and entertainment, Barcelona is a wonderful place where to spend some days, but even a week or a month: you will never get bored!

Barcelona offers also a wide range of restaurants and bars, for all tastes. If you want to have a real idea of Spanish food, though, you should definitely walk into a tapas bar and order at least 4 different dishes. The best thing about tapas is that you can share them in order to taste as much as you can.

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Chili Chicken (Dajaj bi Al-fulful)

Author: Nada Serhan

Photos: Nada Serhan

Many times people ask me what is the difference between Lebanese and Palestinian cuisine. While we almost have the same dishes from the various vegetarian dishes like vine leaves to the many rice based dishes like Makloubeh (a dish combining eggplants, carrots, chicken or meat, and all then flipped upside down) and meat to soups like lentil soup, I always find myself explaining the main difference in our cuisine is not the dishes but the spices. While both countries use citrus and lemon to flavor, Lebanese food by default is citrus based – it’s part and parcel of its identity – while Palestinian tend to enjoy adding more chili and different types of strong peppers while cooking. Chili Chicken or in Arabic with a Palestinian accent (jaj bil filfil) may one of the very few dishes that is actually strictly Palestinian. And it involves everything spicy!

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Panettone vs Pandoro: the final battle

Author: Lisa Egman

Winter has finally come, thanksgiving is just a sweet memory, my favourite scarf is ready to be shown and Christmas lights are popping out here and there. Probably, people from around the world imagine Italians spending Christmas in Italy as the scene of  big warm smiley families gesturing with their hand, shouting and kissing each other and eating tons of food on a sunny terrace, but this is far from reality. Well, ok, we shout and kiss and use our hands a lot when we speak – we also eat tons of food, but who doesn’t on Christmas? . Anyway it’s cold on the terrace in December and, ABOVE ALL, there is something that can make warm smiley families fight over the tableful. A neverending feud, the eternal debate, the endless struggle, the massive fight: Panettone vs Pandoro.

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Siroopwafel: A Sweet Dutch Treat

Author: Tracy Taylor

Photos: Tracy Taylor

I’m sure you all have your favorite sweet treats that you like to indulge in occasionally. Today, I plan on telling you about one of my favorite sweets that I discovered while living here in The Netherlands…Siroopwafels! So, what exactly is a siroopwafel (syrup waffle)? A siroopwafel is two waffle cookies that are sandwiched together with a sticky caramel syrup in the middle. Now, for those of you familiar with Dutch sweets, this is not to be confused with a stroopwafel which is a waffle cookie that is baked, sliced in half, and then filled with caramel syrup. While the taste is similar, siroopwafels tend to be thinner and crispier. Siroopwafel seem to originate from Gouda, NL (not just famous for its yummy cheese!) and one of the most famous and oldest, bakeries is the Kamphuisen Siroopwafel Factory. This article is going to walk you through the factory tour and explain how these delicious treats are made! Continue reading “Siroopwafel: A Sweet Dutch Treat”

Lubiyeh -bil- Zeit: An authentic Lavante Vegetarian Lunch

Author: Nada Serhan

Photos: Nada Serhan

I tried several times to become a vegetarian and kept on failing to do so during my late teens and early 20’s. After I moved out in my mid 20’s and realized I wanted to part ways with  my unhealthy eating habits, I found myself calling my mother and asking her for her recipes of cooking signature vegetarian dishes  that she always cooked. She was so thrilled I’m adding vegies to my nutrition that she bounced on the chance to share these local and traditional recipes that are healthy, light and full of rich nutrients. One that has become a staple in my kitchen is Lubiyeh – bil -Zeit or Green beans in olive oil. Continue reading “Lubiyeh -bil- Zeit: An authentic Lavante Vegetarian Lunch”

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